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Enjoy the full gallery of France Ligue 1 soccer kits (rotate your phone for bigger pictures). The list is constantly updated.

Ligue 1 information

CountryFrance (19), Monaco (1)
Number of teams20
Relegation toLigue 2
Domestic CupsCoupe de France
Trophée des Champions

Football Kits – Ligue 1 (FRA) 2020/21

 Paris Saint-GermainNikeParis Saint Germain 2020-21 Home KitParis Saint Germain 2020-21 Away Kit
 Olympique MarseillePumaOlympique Marseille 2020-21 Home ShirtOlympique Marseille 2020-21 Away Shirt
 Stade Rennais FCPumaStade Rennais 2020-21 Puma Home Shirt
 LOSC LilleNew BalanceLOSC Lille 2020-21 Home KitLOSC Lille 2020-21 Away KitLOSC Lille 2020-21 Third Kit
OGC NiceMacronOGC Nice 2020-21 Macron Home ShirtOGC Nice 2020-21 Macron Away ShirtOGC Nice 2020-21 Macron Third Shirt
Stade ReimsUmbroStade de Reims 2020-21 Home ShirtStade de Reims 2020-21 Away ShirtStade de Reims 2020-21 Third Shirt
 Olympique LyonadidasOlympique Lyon 2020-21 Home ShirtOlympique Lyon 2020-21 Away ShirtOlympique Lyon 2020-21 third  Shirt
Montpellier HSCNikeMontpellier HSC 2020-21 Nike Home ShirtMontpellier HSC 2020-21 Nike Away ShirtMontpellier HSC 2020-21 Nike Third Shirt
RC Strasbourg AlsaceadidasRC Strasbourg Alsace 20-21 adidas home shirtRC Strasbourg Alsace 20-21 adidas away shirt
 AS MonacoKappaAS Monaco 2020-21 Home ShirtAS Monaco 2020-21 Away ShirtAS Monaco 2020-21 Third Shirt
SCO AngersKappaSCO Angers 2020-21 Home ShirtSCO Angers 2020-21 Away ShirtSCO Angers 2020-21 Third Shirt
FC Girondins BordeauxPumaFC Girondins Bordeaux 2020-21 Home ShirtFC Girondins Bordeaux 2020-21 Away Shirt
FC NantesNew BalanceFC Nantes 2020-21 Macron Home ShirtFC Nantes 2020-21 Macron Away Shirt
Stade Brest 29NikeStade Brest 29 2020-21 adidas home shirtStade Brest 29 2020-21 adidas Away shirtStade Brest 29 2020-21 adidas third shirt
FC Metz Nike
Dijon FCOLottoDijon FCO 20-21 Lotto Home ShirtDijon FCO 20-21 Lotto Away ShirtDijon FCO 20-21 Lotto Third Shirt
AS Saint-ÉtienneLe Coq SportifAS Saint Etienne 20-21 Home ShirtAS Saint Etienne 20-21 Away Shirt
Nîmes OlympiquePumaNimes Olympique 20-21 Puma Home ShirtNimes Olympique 20-21 Puma Away ShirtNimes Olympique 20-21 Puma Third Shirt
FC Lorient logo FC LorientKappaFC Lorient 20-21 Kappa Home ShirtFC Lorient 20-21 Kappa Away ShirtFC Lorient 20-21 Kappa Third Shirt
RC Lens Logo RC Lens MacronRC Lens 20-21 Macron Home ShirtRC Lens 20-21 Macron Away ShirtRC Lens 20-21 Macron Third Shirt

Football Kits – Ligue 1 (FRA) 2019/20

 Paris Saint-GermainNike
 Olympique Lyonadidas
 AS MonacoKappa
 LOSC LilleNew Balance
 Olympique MarseillePuma
 Stade Rennais FCPuma
OGC NiceMacron
FC Girondins BordeauxPuma
FC NantesNew Balance
RC Strasbourg Alsaceadidas
Montpellier HSCNike
AS Saint-ÉtienneLe Coq Sportif
Stade ReimsUmbro
SCO AngersKappa
FC Metz Nike
FC ToulouseJoma
Amiens SCPuman/an/an/a
Nîmes OlympiquePuma
Dijon FCOLotto
Stade Brest 29Nike

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