Phoenix Suns Aztec Uniform Concept

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As a tribute to early ancestors of the Valley, the Phoenix Suns have been working on a uniform concept based on ancient Aztec symbolism

The Phoenix Suns are looking to the future and how we celebrate the communities and cultures that support us through uniform design, in this case our Mexican and Mexican-American fans.

The Suns have been working on a uniform concept based on ancient Aztec symbolism. Currently conceptual, the Suns are pulling back the curtain on the potential design for fans to weigh in and provide their input.

The Aztec Sun Stone centered on the chest, as well as within the “PHX” word mark, symbolizes a gathering of deities working as one. The rays surrounding the triangular design represent emanating heat and unity, all originating from a single source, the Sun.

The armor displayed down the left side of the leg depicts the ultimate warrior animal, a jaguar. The inner animal of the Hispanic people stands for strength and the notion that those who bear the armor are ready to strike and attack at any time.

The Aztec Death Stone imprinted on the back of the jersey pays homage to fearless warriors even in the face of death. They carry an all-or-nothing mindset into battle, often leading to victory through intimidation or strength or both.

Source: NBA.COM

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